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A Natural Way to Heal and create a fulfilling life

Many of us hold on to negative thought patterns which become obstacles to our own healing and creating a fulfilling life for ourselves. 
My role is to gently guide you to uncover patterns which may be self sabotaging and blocking you from creating a life that will allow you to heal yourself, find happiness, empower your decisions, find your true potential and create the life of your dreams. 
I hold one or two day Workshops on the Gold Coast that are held in a safe and nurturing environment in group sessions.  
I offer a natural and holistic approach to medicine. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and I believe in the power of healing through natural and healthy alternatives or complements to western medicine. I’m an educator and a healer, with the mission to teach each client about the natural healing powers they hold within.


* Happiness

* Abundance

* Good Health

* A wonderful relationship

* Success

* Prosperity

* A new job

* More fun

* Travel

* Respect 

* Wisdom

The list is endless.....

We are all creators/manifesting our life.

Do you create your life through fear ?

Have your forgotten your natural abilities and gifts ?

Are stuck in any way ?...

Find a way to move forward....

I can help you on this journey and assist in letting go of  fear.  

Joan Reynolds


I first purchased "You Can Heal Your Life" written by Louise Hay around 1996.


Prior to this I did not understand that we were each 100% responsible for our own experiences in life. I was not the Captain of my ship. This book changed my life and that of my family also.


Louise teaches that every thought we think is creating our future.  Everyone suffers from self-hatred and guilt at some time in their life.  The bottom line is usually "I'm not good enough".

Louise says "this is a thought, and a thought can be changed".


Resentment, criticism and guilt are some of the most damaging patterns.  Many of these patterns create illnesses within our body.  

By learning how to release the past, forgive everyone, and learning to love myself has been her greatest gift to me.  

I am privileged to carry on her work as a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. 

Joan Reynolds


1 or 2 day Workshops

Heal Your Life
Uncovering limiting beliefs.   Releasing the old.
Create new thought patterns.   Loving Yourself.   Discovering your own uniqueness 

Group Sessions are held in a safe a nurturing environment.
Cost: One Day Workshop : $97.00


Next Workshop:

Saturday  1st February 2020

 Time : 8.30 - 4.00 pm

Location: To be advised

To book your workshop reply to 



If you imagine it in your mind.....

believe it in your heart...

feel it in your soul...

you will hold it in your hand.....

DREAM BIG.... never ever give up!

Contact: Joan Reynolds

For more information about Licensed Heal Your Life Workshops - our program, activities, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Customer Reviews


I cannot thank you enough for the magical Workshop and experience that you guided me through today. So many revelations came to me. Thanks to all the exercises, meditations, and your words. Thanks for being such an inspiration and compassionate human being. With Love,



What a powerful Prosperity Workshop. I felt safe and uncovered beliefs that were buried deep. The Workshop flowed and I felt loved and nurtured. My journey was very powerful and thank you for the enlightenment. Fabulous Workshop.

Thank You.



Thank you for guiding me through the process of change and helping me to find my voice. The Workshop has given me profound insight and I will be forever changed. You are a kind and vulnerable leader and so easy to connect with and relate to. Thank you so much for taking me on this journey and sharing your wisdom with us all. 

Jo Jo


So beautiful and loving. You have such. Calming and loving way of expressing and sharing with everyone. I thank you so much and you are an amazing HYL Workshop Leader. Through the whole experience I felt very safe and peaceful.

Thank you so much.



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